Sunday, April 26, 2009

Structural Study X

A well-improved version of Structural
Study IX is built. The same type of
carpet tubes are used, and the same
wood joints are placed within the
tubes. As good as the previous
study was, this most recent one is
even better.

First, no rope is needed for tensile
strength. We initially anticipated the
need for roped once again, but we
were pleased when we saw this
structure stand up and support its
own weight.

Second, an effective foundation is
built. The main structure possesses
two smaller tubes that reach the
ground an act the same way as a
bicycle's kickstand. Then, the
structure is screwed down to a
sheet of plywood for balance.

The planned design of the final
model is that a number of these
structures will be built. Each one
will project at different angles, and
will be placed alongside the paved
path at the park at the Schuylkill
River (See "Model I" post). Also, the
seating which can be seen in
Structural Study VI will be built in a
similar way and incorporated within
these structures, creating a
project both sculptural and

This study was so successful that
it will be used as part of the final
model. It is now safe to say that
this is the last "Structural Study",
and the project can move onward
towards the final model!

- Tim, Matt & Phil

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